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In SNNPR, Wolayita Zone is one of the areas where the situation has deteriorated with pockets of severe acute malnutrition. WV conducts regular nutrition surveys in Humbo woreda of Wolayita Zone, Badawacho of Hadiya and Meirab Abaya of Gamo Gofa. Comparison of most recent survey results of February with that of September 2002 indicate a significant deterioration in nutritional status in Humbo from 3.1% to 12.5% GAM and has now to be defined as serious. GAM with aggravating factors is poor in Badawacho (8.92%) and Meirab Abaya (8.47%). According to VW reporting, causes for deterioration in Humbo are inadequate general food rations, targeting problems with exclusion of the most needy in some kebeles and significantly decreased livestock production due to lack of pasture and water. In West Hararghe two nutrition surveys were conducted by a multi-agency team from DPPC, CARE, GOAL and WFP end of January and begin of February. These surveys are follow-ups those conducted in the same 8 woredas in September 2002. The first survey does not indicate a significant change in nutritional status. But the second survey does indicate a significant reduction in Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) from 3.6% to 0.9%, though not so much in GAM from 15.2% to 11.2%. Given the presence of several aggravating factors as a result of the current drought situation, these results indicate a poor situation in the highlands and wet midlands (first survey), while the situation in the dry midlands and lowlands is serious (second survey). Causes for the reduction may be accelerated relief food distributions and the fact that the September survey was before harvest when food supply is short. Furthermore, the September 2002 data did indicate a very high SAM of 3.6%, in addition to high mortality rates (U5MR: 3.50/10,000/day). It is therefore likely that some of the severely malnourished children in 2002 had actually died in the meantime. This argument is supported by current under-five mortality rate of 1.96/10,000/day, which is just below the cut-off for a ‘critical’ situation (2.0/10,000/day). Back to home page.

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