01 November, Tuesday

10:00 EWWG (Early Warning Working Group Meeting), Monthly, Contact (Ato Teshome, 011-5158236)


02 November, Wednesday
09:00 Food Aid Task Force Meeting,
Monthly (Open to food related org.) Contact (Ms. Abaynesh, WFP, 011515188)

14:00 ENCU (Emergency Nutritional Coordination Unit), bi-monthly, DPPC, Contact: (Ato Getachew/Dr. Girma, 518050)

08 November, Tuesday
09:00 Technical Officers Meeting,
bi-monthly (UN internal meeting) UNOCHA Contact (Mr. Lyle, 5513725)

15 November, Tuesday
09:00 SDMT (Strategic Disaster Management Team)
, bi-monthly, FAO (UN internal meeting) Contact: (Ms. Emnet, UNOCHA 011-5444104)

10:00 Malaria Meeting, bi-monthly, (open to all) (Contact: MoH, Dr. Gezahegn 150993)

















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TIME Meeting
Technical Information Management Exchange (TIME) meeting, chaired by DPPC  and attended by Government, UN and NGOs, meets monthly on Thursdays to discuss the current humanitarian situation in Ethiopia.