During the first few months of 2003, the Government, UN, Donors and NGOs started to see a serious humanitarian deterioration in Southern Nations Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR). In this area there are various factors that negatively affected the humanitarian situation and thus contributed to the suffering of the population. The overall condition in most zones in SNNPR is critical despite relief efforts by the humanitarian community, mainly due to the amount of needy population who are forced to re-share their food resources, targeting difficulties, the worsening situation in the health sector (particularly malaria) and availability of agricultural inputs. In response to the mounting crisis and to support the Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Office in SNNPR, the UN has reinforced its presence in the region by setting up a United Nations Support Office (UNSO) in Awassa to respond to the emergency in a more coordinated manner across all sectors. UNSO is in the process of establishing a welcome center for those visiting the region. Please stop by the office for the latest updates on the humanitarian situation and key contacts.

UN OCHA-Ethiopia has compiled a list of NGOs active in the region and their corresponding interventions as well as a Calendar of Events that includes missions, meetings and workshops in SNNPR which is updated on a regular basis. For further information access the SNNPR contact list of key humanitarian actors and for those traveling to the capital of SNNPR, UN OCHA-Ethiopia has collected a list of main hotels in Awassa.

For more information on the current crisis, kindly review the downloadable UN OCHA-Ethiopia field reports and maps for SNNPR below.
1. Improving Coordination and Humanitarian Response in 
    Parts of SNNPR, No.8, 22 - 25 September 2003
2.Persisting Humanitarian problem and Significant
   Improvements of Coordination in SNNPR No.7, 11 Aug.-
   09 Sept. 2003 (downloadable)
3. Zonal “Emergency Partners’ Coordination Forums”
   Established in SNNP
R No.6, 17 July – 02 August
4. Serious food shortage, malaria and livestock epidemics
    in Shashogo Woreda Hadiya Zone No.5 , July 2003
Green maize for Addis-local impact on family food    
No.4, 24 -27 June 2003 (downloadable)

6. Konso Special Woreda condition serious No.3, June
    28 -30 2003 (downloadable)

7. Critical emergency situation in Kambaata-Tambaaro  
    Zone and Alaba Special Woreda No.2, June 2003 

8. Focus on Ethiopia, June 2003 (downloadable)
9. Critical food shortages in parts of Dawuro zone No.1,  
    May 2003 (downloadable)
10. Green famine in Sidama and Welayta, May 2003

11. Targeting problems cause malnutrition shortage of
    seeds leads to next crisis, February 2003


12.  SNNPR map (downloadable)

OCHA Team in UN Support Office Awassa,  SNNPR

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