Reduction of crop yield is inevitable in the North Eastern mid and Lowlands of Amhara and Tigray Regions
UNEUE-OCHA/USAID Joint Assessment Mission report to East & South Tigray and North &South Wello region from 24 September until 5 October 2002. The report is prepared by Abraham Sewonet, UN-Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia  and Tamrat Mulu, USAID Ethiopia. 

Significant “meher” harvest reductions in the northeastern lowlands of Tigray and Amhara Regions expected

UN-EUE-FEWS-USAID Multi-Agency Assessment Mission to East and South Tigray & North and South Wello, 31 July-7 August 2002. Prepared by Abraham Sewonet, UN-Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia, Daniel Molla, FEWS NET Ethiopia & Tamrat Mulu, USAID Ethiopia. 

Current situation and progress of humanitarian assistance to vulnerable population segments affected by the border conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

This report tries to overview the current humanitarian situation focusing on vulnerable segments of the population in Tigray Region.  Assessment Mission: 21- 30 January 2002. Prepared by Yves Guinand & Benoit Raymakers, UN-Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia.













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