Review of the food and nutrition situation in Gode and other parts of the Somali region
According to the assessment, co-ordination mechanisms in place have not been effective in
standardizing nutrition surveys and selective feeding programmes, or in effectively identifying areas requiring immediate response and ensuring a timely intervention.  Recommendations are used to formulate a strategy to improve humanitarian response in the Somali region.  By Peter Salama, UNICEF/CDC and Albertien van der Veen, OHCR/WHO.   22 August 2000. 

Shinille: A Neglected Zone Slips Into Crises

Prepared by Ahmed Ali and Walter Eggenberger, EUE Field Officers.  July 2000.  

Considerable but yet insufficient humanitarian relief and rehabilitation activities in parts of drought affected southern Somali Region
By Yves Guinand, UN-Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia.  April - July 2000

A Computerized Inventory of Water Resources in the Ethiopian Somali National Regional State
Summary Report of a Pilot Survey in the Weredas of Jijiga, Teferiber and Dembel.  This report outlines a possible approach to surveying and compiling an electronic inventory of water points and other water resources in the Somali region of Ethiopia.  By Anteneh Tesfaye and Mulugeta Zewdie, UN-EUE consultants.  









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