Field Assessment Report: North Welo, South Welo and Oromia Zones of Amhara Region
Report on an assessment mission undertaken from 5 - 15 October 2000. This report assesses the main rains, the impact of a delayed belg and monitor relief food distribution by various governmental agencies and NGOs. By Dechassa Lemessa, Field Officer, UN Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia. 

Findings of a recent mission to South Wollo
According to the mission, the combination of relatively modest levels of malnutrition and normal morbidity and mortality suggests that, by and large, the nutrition situation in South Wollo is currently under control.  The report recommends however to separate the distribution of blended food from the general distribution in order to improve nutritional impact.  By Albertien van der Veen, ORHC/WHO.   September 8, 2000. 

An overview of the current situation in the northern central highlands of Ethiopia
Prepared by Walter Eggenberger and Dechassa Lemessa, UN-EUE Field Officers, 14 - 24 March 2000.









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