July Focus on Ethiopia
This month’s issue of the Focus on Ethiopia spotlights a problem that has arisen primarily in cash crop and surplus-producing areas of Ethiopia that usually do not suffer food shortages and even in times of crisis, are self-sufficient and not needing particular humanitarian attention. In the lead article, “Livelihood Disruption in Cash Crop and Surplus Producing Areas” this problem is addressed and the difficulties that farmers face and have never been confronted with in southern and western Ethiopia are discussed.

June Focus on Ethiopia
The June issue of the Focus on Ethiopia highlights the declining situation of deportees in Ethiopia and how this problem is being addressed. Prepared by UN - Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia. June 2002 on behalf of the UN Country Team. 

April Focus on Ethiopia

This report replaces the Ethiopian Humanitarian Update. It has been prepared, as was the EHU by the UN Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia on behalf of the UN Country Team. We have introduced in this first edition of the "Focus on Ethiopia" a discussion topic. This month provides a perspective on Somali National Regional State with many of the issues applicable in a broader topical and geographic context. We kindly solicit your views as readers in the form of comments, whether it be in support or protest of the way the subject matter is treated in this and subsequent issues and excerpts of which we will include (when possible) in the next edition in a comments column.










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