Afar Region: A Deeper Crisis Looms
Assessment Mission: 10 – 19 October 2002.  By François Piguet, Field Officer, UN-Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia. 

Cheffa Valley: refuge for 50,000 pastoralists and 200,000 animals
Present humanitarian situation and livestock conditions in selected areas in and around Afar region. Assessment Mission: 21- 26 July 2002. By Francois Piguet, UN-Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia.

Issa Suffer From Massive Cattle Deaths and Conflict With Afar Over Scarce Resources
Assessment Mission in Shinille Zone, Somali Region: 16 - 21 July 2002. Prepared by Abraham Sewonet, field officer, UN-Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia. A map on South Afar and Shinille zone - SNRS is also attached.

A Special Alert highlighting the current threat to livestock and people due to the lack of rain and recent fighting between Afar and Kereyus, Ittu and Issa
Concerns are that people will face serious problems in the next few weeks if they are not addressed quickly and efficiently. 

Afar: insecurity and delayed rains threaten livestock and people
An Assessment Mission from 29 May to 8 June 2002.  Prepared by François Piguet, Field Officer, UN-Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia. 


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