Consolidated Inter-Agency Appeals Process Strategy Paper For Ethiopia 2001
An overview of the current humanitarian situation in Ethiopia and the status of the humanitarian Programme to date. In addition, the document presents elements of the (tentative) Common Humanitarian Action Plan (CHAP) for 2001 to be incorporated as part of the January UN Inter-Agency Consolidated Appeal (CA).  This appeal was launched in Stockholm on 29 November 2000.  

Nutrition Surveys : 1999 – 2000
In view of the rapidly increasing number of nutrition surveys and interventions there  is a need to strengthen information collection and sharing. Nutritionists from UNICEF and WHO have collected nutrition surveys carried out in 1999 and 2000 and summarized results into a database.  August 2000.

List of July to December 2000 Drought Relief Beneficiaries by Region, Zone and Wereda
A compilation of disaggregated population data in relation to official government (DPPC) relief beneficiary numbers. August 2000. 

UN Issues Updated Appeal for Rehabilitation and Recovery Programmes for IDPs

The United Nations Country Team  (UNCT) in Ethiopia, issued an appeal on 24 August 2000, requesting a total of US$30.4 million for rehabilitation and recovery programmes for the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Tigray and Afar regions. Of this US$30.4 million, the UN is appealing for about $15.1 million for food assistance amounting to 29,767 MT of food for some 312,500 people (272,000 IDPs currently being assisted and an estimated 40,500 additional people in need of support) and US$15.3 million for non-food assistance.  24 August 2000.

Indicative List of Urgent Requirements: Ethiopia Drought Emergency
The report outlines current priority resource requirements for the drought relief response in Ethiopia.  The report highlights the urgent requirement for additional donor cash contributions in support of interventions in the health, water, agriculture, education and other non-food sectors.  Prepared by UN Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia on behalf of the UN Country Team.  3 May 2000.

Drought Contingency Planning to support pastoralist livelihoods in Ethiopia
A discussion paper prepared for UNDP-EUE by consultant sociologist Dr. Richard Hogg.  First issued in December 1997.
UNICEF – The State of the World’s Children 2000
Containing basic consolidated economic and social statistics for the Horn of Africa countries (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda), with particular reference to children’s well-being. Prepared by the UNDP Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia, March 2000.

Region, Zone and Wereda population and Relief Beneficiary Data for 1999 and 2000
This report summarizes the regional, zonal and wereda population in relation with government (DPPC) relief beneficiary data.  Prepared by UN-Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia, February 2000.

Wild-Food Plants in Southern Ethiopia: Reflections on the role of ‘famine-foods’ at a time of drought
A preliminary study on the role and use of wild-food plants and famine-food in the diet of rural communities in Ethiopia, based on recent field work and research in Konso Special Wereda, Kindo Koyisha, Humbo, Damot Weyde and Kamba weredas of North Omo Zone and Bako-Gazar and Hamer Bena weredas of South Omo Zone in SNNP Region.  By Yves Guinand and Dechassa Lemessa, UN-EUE Field Officers, 10 March, 2000 

Map: - Sample sites and approximate areas of 'wild food' plants availability in parts of Southern Ethiopia.  January 2000 .

Relief Action Plan and Appeal 2000 - Ethiopia
UN Country Team Appeal for 2000, released to donor  representatives in Ethiopia on Friday January 28, 2000.


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