Underdeveloped, Drought Prone, Food Insecure: reflections on living conditions in parts of the Simien Mountains
Report on an assessment mission to North Gondar Zone, Amhara Region.  Prepared by Yves Guinand and Mohamud Ugas, UN-EUE Field Officers, 4 October 1999.

Food Deliveries to South Welo Increased, but targeting remains a problem
Report on a rapid assessment mission undertaken to the South Welo Zone of Amhara region in late August, focussing on food security issues, crop prospects and the status of relief operations.  Prepared by Laura Hammond and Walter Eggenberger, UN-EUE Field Officers, 22 - 27  August 1999.

Belg labour dependency contributes to food shortage in Wag Hamra
This report  provides an update on the current situation in Wag Hamra, 25 May - 9 June 1999.  Prepared by Laura Hammond, UN-EUE, Monitoring Officer.

North and South Gonder - food security assessment in parts of the Tekeze River watershed
Food security assessment mission to North and South Gonder, 26 May - 7 June 1999.  Prepared by Yves Guinand UN-EUE, Field Officer. 

A special report on the current food security situation in Ethiopia
It highlights concern regarding the implications of a belg season failure in the northern highlands of the country and provides the latest figures regarding food aid requirements (as of  April  30, 1999) .  Prepared by Mark Bidder, UNDP-EUE Deputy Coordinator. 

Rapid Assessment Mission to North Wollo - Effects of Consecutive Crop Losses on Farm Households in Selected Areas
Observes the affected farm households and the current food security situation in the region.  Prepared by Yves Guinand, Field Officer, UN-Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia. 

Personal reflections on farming life in South Welo
A personal look at the experiences of three farming families in the highlands of Ethiopia, covering the period from 1983 to the present day. 








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