Relief Operations in the Somali Region:-  Report on the aftermath of flooding in the Gode area prepared by Joachim D.Ahrens, Field Officer, UNDP-EUE. December 1997.

Livestock Marketing & Cross border trade in the South East of Ethiopia: by Dr. Robert Shank Consultant Agriculturalist. May 1997.

Field Trip Report to Negele (Oromiya Region) and Filtu (Somali Region): a field trip report prepared by EUE Field Officer Admassu H/Yesus
. 27 March - 3 April 1997.

Emerging Drought Conditions in Southern and South-eastern Ethiopia: A General Synopsis and Overview: a desk review prepared by EUE Deputy Coordinator, Mark Bidder on the basis of field assessments and other observations.

The Two Sides to the Beef about Livestock Marketing  and Cross Border Trade in the Southeast of Ethiopia.  Prepared by Dr Robert Shank, Consultant Agriculturalist. March 1997.

Major Finding of the Joint Mission to Dollo and Chereti: a brief report prepared by the EUE anthropologist, Dr. Ahmed Farah based on thejoint UN/Government/NGO mission of 12 February to Dollo and Chereti. (This report outlines the situation from the point of view of the EUE participant in the mission and has not been endorsed by other members of the assessment mission.

Impact of Insufficient Deyr Rains on Nomad Access to Food in the Former Eastern Hararghe Area of the Ethiopian Somali National State: a situation report and analysis of the current situation in the visited area and the impact of insufficient short deyr rains in this area; prepared by EUE Anthropologist, Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Farah.

Assessment Trip Report to SERP, Jijiga : assess the current state of the computing facilities, in particular the Geographic Information System of the South East Rangelands Project (SERP). Prepared by Ian Attfield, consultant UNDP-EUE. February 1997.




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