1996 Fertiliser Situation: Progress, Problems and Programmes: a brief overview of the fertiliser distributions and inputs into the agricultural season; prepared by EUE consultant Dr. Robert Shank. September 1996.

Pesticide Supplies and Capacity to Prevent Losses for the 1996 Cropping Season in Ethiopia; a brief report on pesticide availability in 1996, prepared by EUE Agriculturist, Dr. Robert Shank. June 1996.

Status of the Armyworm Outbreak in Ethiopia in 1996 and Considerations for Forecasting Migrations; a report in two parts: Section I deals with the general status of the 1996 armyworm outbreak in Ethiopia (prepared by EUE Agriculturist, Dr. Robert Shank), whereas Section II reviews the current outbreak in the northern parts of the country (prepared by EUE Field Officer, Admassu Haile Yesus). June 1996.

Mole Rats: Another Possible Mode of Spreading Enset Bacterial Wilt: a brief overview prepared by EUE Field Officer, Dr. Robert Shank. May 1996.

Enset Crop Assessment: a summary report of the Enset assessment carried out by EUE Field Officer, Dr. Robert Shank; this assessment was conducted by UNDP-EUE in conjunction with the UN World Food Programme, the Bureau of Agriculture (SNNPRS). May 1996.

A Special Report on Striga, by Dr. Robert Shank, an agriculturalist working with EUE. March 1996.

The Pattern of Food Intake and Essential Expenditures for a Household in Rural Ethiopia: a desk study by UNDP-EUE by Field Officer, Michael Fritsche. May 1996.




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