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Maps in Afar Region:
 * NGOs by Region 
 * NGOs by Woreda
 * NGOs by Zone and Sector

Who is doing WHAT, WHERE and WHEN
* UN/NGO Matrix on Current Crisis 
 * NGO Matrix in Afar Region

Afar Emergency Reports and Assessments

MoWR, Afar Region Water, Mines and Energy Resources Development Bureau & UNICEF: Woreda based emergency water supply and environmental health situation assessment in AFAR Region September 2003.

APDA: Special, urgent update of the current food security status in Afar Region: October 19th, 2004

Oxfam-International: Report on a rapid field assessment of the current situation in Afar region. November 22-28, 2004.

ACF & Oxfam: Recent assessments in various parts of the Afar region. December 17, 2004.

APDA: Drought Emergency Relief in Afar Region, Ethiopia – Request for Response to Human Thirst and Animal Diseases, December 17th, 2004

APDA: Drought Emergency Relief in Afar Region, Ethiopia Request for Response Animal Feeding as Part of a Rescue Package in Teeru Woreda. December 17th, 2004

ETHIOPIAN MULU WONGEL AMAGNOCH CHURCH DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (EMWACDO): A Report on Nutritional Survery Conducted in SEMU ROBIGELALO district of AFAR National  Regional State, December 30, 2004.

APDA: Assessment in Teeru Woreda –  Situation of Pending Human Starvation and Deadly Epidemic Outbreak from Massive Animal Death.
January 5-8, 2005,

Note from AFAR Region's 3rd Crisis Management Committee, Situation update. January 10, 2005

APDA: Update of the Critical, Looming Drought and Displacement Disaster in Afar Region and Appeal for Practical Assistance. January 13th, 2004

UNOCHA: Humanitarian Situation in AFAR Region. January 14, 2004.

ERCS: Report on Emergency Need Assessment in AFAR Region.  January 14-20, 2004.

WVE: Summary Report Nutrition Surveys Conducted in ASSAYITA Woreda, Zone 1of AFAR Regional State. January 18, 2005.

ACF: Assessment Report on the current situation in Zones 1& 4, Afar National Regional State January 23 - 29, 2005.

APDA: Teeru and general drought update January 25th, 2005.

Goal: Short Assessment Mission in Afar region & N.Wello January 24 -26,05

FAO: Emergency and Recovery Livestock Project Proposal for 2005.

WFP: Weekly country Emergency Report 04 February 2005

APDA: Drought and development update 28 February 2005

GOAL: Preliminary Results of ABALA Nutritional Survey19-23Feb.2005

Updated on 10 March 2005

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