Species Name
Balanites spp. (gillettii?)


Local Name(s)
Kuze (Gamogna) 

General description
It is a bushy and thorny tree of around 5m heights, growing in forests and bushland. Flowers are white in color and confuse with fungus disease on the sample plant.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
Fruits are edible. In normal times neither children nor adults collect and eat the fruits. During food shortage periods, ripe fruits are collected and boiled, then the skin of the fruit is removed and the flesh eaten. Furthermore, the skin of the kernel can also be removed; the remaining inner part is washed with ash, cooked and mixed with salt for consumption. Still after all these processes the food tastes sour and unpleasant. 

The species is common in dry and moist lowlands in the Rift Valley, Gamo-Gofa, Konso and Darashe and Burji Special Woredas, Sidamo, Shewa, Gojam and in the Hararghe midlands (700 - 1,800m).

Propagation Method(s) 
Propagates by seeds, seedlings, direct sowing and root suckers.

Sample location(s)
Kemba Woreda (North Omo)

This species seems very similar to the species named 'Hastee' or 'Kutata' in Konsogna.

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