Species name
Commelina sp (diffusa, latifolia, forskalaei, imberis)1 bengalensis (L.) 


Local name(s)
Gishee (Ari), Yweha ankur (Amargna), Ganaia (Oromiffa), Water Maker (English)

General description
The plant is a weed growing both in bush and in farm fields. The leaves have a broad base and slightly clasp the stem (length 3-4 times width). Flowers are distinguished by having two upper blue petals and one white or very pale lower petal. There are no underground stems. Seeds are smooth, round and in clusters of 4.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
Leaves and tender parts are boiled and consumed after being prepared in ball form with other foodstuff, particularly maize. Prior to boiling the edible part has to be mildly sun-dried to reduce moisture in the materials.

The plant only grows in moist areas, e.g. near swamps and rivers in the lowlands and can be found in the Chercher highlands, in the Arsi and Bale highlands, in the Central highlands and in the Western lowlands (1,200 - 1,900m).

Propagation method(s) 
Propagates by seeds and vegetative. 

Sample location(s)
Kaissa Kebele, Bako-Gazer (South Omo)


Parts of the following description have been taken from Stroud A, Parker C, 1989: p. 52/53

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C. latifolia (Stroud & Parker, 1989: p. 53)

C. diffusa (Stroud & Parker, 1989: p. 53)

C. diffusa seedling (Stroud & Parker, 1989: p. 53)

Commelina species, Kaissa Kebele, Bako-Gazer (South Omo)