Species name
Ceropegia sp. 


Local name(s)
Shabina (Ari)

General description
The plant is a creeper and climbs on trees and any other stands or stakes. It has a milky sap when cut. It grows only in bush but not planted purposefully by human beings.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
Leaves and tender parts are eaten any time when cabbage and Moringa oleifera leaves are scarce. Leaves and tender parts are chopped and boiled. The taste is similar to Moringa oleifera leaves and therefore appreciated by people.

The plant is only found in bush land areas in the lowlands.

Propagation method(s) 
Propagates by root/stolons/rhizomes

Sample location(s)
Kaissa Kebele, Bako-Gazer (South Omo)

The plant is not found on farmed fields and is neither been domesticated in and around the homestead. As it tastes good and grows as a creeper on other plants, there might be a potential to plant and let it grow on the living fence around the homestead or in the home garden.


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Shabna2.jpg (112599 bytes)

'Shabina' creeper on a palm tree species in Kaissa Kebele, Bako-Gazer (South Omo)

Shabna detail.jpg (38193 bytes)
Close up of 'Shabina' creeper