Species name

Mimosaceae (Fabaceae)

Local name(s)
Derdere (Somali)

General description
A spiny shrubby small acacia, with a typical mushroom-like shape. No stem as such. The branches spread out from the bottom. The crown is round and very near to the ground. The bark is dark-brown reddish with little white spots. Branches are armed at each node with two straight white thorns. Young branches are hairy and of light brown colour. Flowers are in white heads and grown on the nod in-between the two thorns. The fruit is a red-brown hairy pod, often curled into a ring or crescent shape. The seeds are ??.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
New white flowers of the tree are consumed freshly from the tree in times of food shortage. It seems that the species is able to flower after very light rain showers. Nevertheless, in July, in the midst of the 'hagaa' dry season in Somali Region, these acacia species were flowering while at the same time seedpods were observed on the same species. They taste slightly bitter. Pastoralists say that the flowers are also used to cure a certain mouth disease (not known which one).

Nutritional value

Commercial use 


Propagation method(s) & management 

Sample location (s)
Boh Woreda of Warder Zone, Somali Region.



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AcaciaspptreeDegobBohJul2001.jpg (54577 bytes)

'Deredere' acacia bush-tree species (top) in Boh woreda of Warder Zone, Somali Region, July 2001 and branch detail with new flowers and seedpod (below).
AcaciasppflowersseedpodDegobBohJul2001.jpg (23062 bytes)