Species Name
Sterculia africana (Lour.) Fiori 


Local Name(s)
Qawureta (Konsogna)

General description
S. africana can grow into big tree with pods containing seeds, which are full of oil. The trunk is big and the bark is smooth and of reddish-brown colour. 

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
Seeds are edible. They are full of oil and can be consumed raw or roasted. People like to consume the seeds roasted together with maize. It is considered as a typical famine food because the seeds are rarely being consumed in normal times. People rely on the seeds as one alternative food resource in food shortage periods. In normal times pods with seeds and also leaves are fed to animals.

It commonly grows in the lowlands.

Propagation Method(s) 
Propagates by seeds, wildlings.

Sample location (s)
Jarso Kebele, Konso

Barks are used for tying purposes in house and local beehive construction. The smooth nature of the bark does not allow wild animals like monkeys robbing honey. When the pods are dried seeds shatter. In Southern Ethiopia these trees are often heavily pruned (see picture below) and not many do reach their original dimensions. 

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Kaureta Seed.jpg (27726 bytes)
Seed pods with seeds.

Kaureta Tree.jpg (103359 bytes)
A small S. africana tree in the bush near Segen River, Konso.