Species Name
Launaea intybacea (Jacq.) Beauv. 


Local Name(s)
Hankolayita (Konsogna)

General description
It is a noxious herb weed widely growing in farm- and in bushland. It has got a milky sap. Flowers are yellow in color.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
The leaves are boiled and used like a cabbage during food shortage periods. The leaves need to be boiled properly in order to reduce or avoid its natural bitterness. As a weed this plant is usually growing on farm fields and germinates earlier than the planted crop. In normal times the species is uprooted as a weed. But when food shortage occurs, the plant is kept and harvested at an early stage.

Found in the mid- and lowlands and in farmers' fields.

Propagation Method(s) 
Vegetative by rhizomes. 

Sample location(s)
Vicinity of Konso town, Konso


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Hankolayita.jpg (67562 bytes)

Young 'Hankolayita' plant in a freshly ploughed farm field near Konso town, Konso