Species Name
 Piliostigma thonningii1 (Schum.) Milne-Rech. 


Local Name(s)
Olofoo (Hamer-Bena), Kalkalla (Wolayetna), Yekallo wanza (Amargna), Camel's foot tree, Monkey Bread (English)

General description
The plant is a small, rounded deciduous tree, 3 - 5m heights growing in bush land. It has got pods containing seeds in flesh. The outer part of the pod carries residue/dusty material looking like coffee bean powder.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
Around Alduba the Hamer and Bena pastoralists eat the flesh of the seeds contained in the pods when dried like biscuits (the skin and the seeds are removed)..

Growing at medium and low altitudes. Also found in the Gibe river valley, and various areas of Illubabor. It performs particularly well in moist and wet midlands (900 - 1,700m).

Propagation Method(s) 
Propagates by seeds and seedlings 

Sample location(s)
Alduba, Hamer-Bena Woreda (South Omo)

In Wolayita areas, unlike in South Omo zone, the pods are used as forage material and people consume none of the plant part at any time. 

1 Parts of the following description have been taken from Bekele-Tesemma et al., 1993: p. 354/355

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Olofo Tree.jpg (96858 bytes)

Piliostigma thonningii tree near Alduba, Hamer-Bena, South Omo

Olofo Detail.jpg (57621 bytes)
Leaves and seedpods of Piliostigma thonningii tree near Alduba