Species name


Local name(s)
Korunta (Amargna)

General description
It is a small seed/tuber (?) (similar to 'Kuenti') covered in a thin shell that grows underground. Above ground thin grasses grow.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
Seeds/tuber (?) are edible. They can only be collected after the harvest or when the crop in the field got stunted because the plant is only growing during the rainy season like the other farm crops. It seems to grow like a weed in cropped fields. Women and children collect the seeds/tubers. After they have been washed off the soil, they are eaten raw. Children like the food because it tastes sweet. There does not seem to be any inconvenient side effects with this foodstuff.

Grows in the mid- and highlands (1,500 - 2,400m).

Propagation method(s) 
Propagates by seeds

Sample location(s)
Dibla Seat Kebele, Ganta Afesum Woreda (Eastern Tigray)


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