Species name
Lannea humilis (Oliv.) Engl. 


Local name(s)
Gumedaa (Hamer-Bena)

General description
The species grows into a big tree that is found in bush land and forests. The underneath of the leaves is covered with whitish hair.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
Part of the root is eaten raw by taking off the skin/bark of the root of which the inner part is edible. But the inner part of the root itself is not edible. Collecting roots and eating the inner part of the skin is only done when food shortage become acute. Therefore the species has to be considered as a typical famine food species.

Grows in semi-arid bushland areas.

Propagation method(s) 
Vegetative by cuttings. 

Sample location(s)
Kayissa Kebele, Bako-Gazer Woreda (South Omo)

Also used for live fencing.

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