Species name
Cleone hanburyana (Penzig) 


Local name(s)
Gemedo (Wolayetgna)

General description
'Gemedo' is considered a weed on farm fields. It can grow up to 40cm of height. It grows on farm fields as a weed and is therefore weeded in normal time.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
The leaves are edible. The plant grows abundantly after the first rains and all along the rainy season. The leaves taste ok for human consumption. They are cooked and added to other foodstuff. But nevertheless, they are only consumed during hardship periods when other foodstuff gets scarce. Therefore, the plant is considered a typical famine food.

Grows in mid- and lowland bushland and on farm fields as a weed.

Propagation method(s) 
Propagates by ... 

Sample location(s)
Humbo Woreda (North Omo)

Has certain similarities with 'Qumputia'

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Small 'Gemedo' bush in a farm field during the dry season in Humbo Woreda, North Omo