Species name
Bidens pachyloma1(Oliv. & Hiern.) Cuf. 

Family name

Local name(s)
Chuqii (Oromiffa), Adeyabeba (Amargna), Mekel flower, Meskel daisy (English)

General description
Bidens species are common annual weeds erect up to 75cm, conspicious and sometimes dominant on roadsides and fallow areas, sometimes a weed of crops. The stem is yellow-green with moderately dense short hairs, especially on peduncles. Leave are pinnately divided. Flower heads have an involucre of spathe-like bracts (broadest near the tip). Ray florets are yellow, 1-2cm in diameter, and obtuse with orange spots at the tip and base. Flower heads remain erect when in fruit.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
Young leaves & and tender upper parts of the branches are edible. The plant begins to grow at beginning of the main rains and edible parts can be harvested as long as they do not get too fibrous. This usually happens after flowering, when the biomass of the plant is reduced. The edible parts are prepared like cabbage or spinach, i.e. boiled in water and salted. If there is any other foodstuff available, the edible parts can also be mixed. No negative side-effects are known concerning palatability.

Grows in the Central highlands as well as in higher altitudes of Jimma and Illubabor Zones of Oromiya Region (2,400 - 2,600m) on a wide range of soils.

Propagation method(s) 
By seed.

Sample location(s)
Jimma & Illubabor Zones (Oromiya Region)



1 See also in Stroud A, Parker C, 1989: p. 64/65 for Bidens sp. description.

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Bidens b.
details of flowers

Drawing of leave shapes
(Pictures from Stroud A, Parker C, 1989: p.64/65