Species Name


Local name(s)
Alfa-haqi (Ari)

General description
It is a climbing/creeping plant with white and green longitudinal strips on the stalk. It has got milky saps. The plant usually looses its leaves in the dry season. It can stay green without leaves, as the stem is doing the photosynthesis. However, once the rains come, the leaves will flourish quickly. The inner part of the stem is hollow and spongy in nature.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
leaves and the tender parts of the branches are chopped, boiled, salted and mixed with other cereals, particularly maize. 

Commonly grows in low altitude bushland.

Propagation method(s) 
propagates vegetative by cuttings.

Sample location(s)
Kaissa Kebele, Bako-Gazer (South Omo)


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‘Alfa-haqi’, interlaced with other bushy plant species during the dry season, i.e. without leaves, Kaissa Kebele, Bako-Gazer (South Omo)