Scientific name
Celosia trigyna1

Family name

Local name(s)
Torchata (Konsogna)

General description
It is an annual weed with its spikes alternatively coloured white, pink and white again.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
Leaves are consumed boiled like cabbage. Konso farmers reported that when prepared with butter it is very delicious and liked by people. It is eaten both in bad and good times (mostly available in March and April).

Widely grown in the lowlands and midlands as a weed.

Propagation method(s)
Propagates by seeds.

Sample location (s)
Jarso Kebele, Konso


1 Parts of the following description have been taken from Stroud A, Parker C, 1989: p. 14/15

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Flowering ‘Torchata’ plant on a farm field in Konso Special Woreda