Scientific name
Grewia vilossa (willd.)

Family name

Local name(s)
Qoffisa/Qopissa (Konsogna), Lenquata (Amharic), Ogomdi (Oromiffa)

General description
It is a slow growing deciduous shrub not more than 3m height. Leaves are distinctive and the young parts of the tree are covered with whitish silky hairs. Flowers are pink, turning yellow with age, in small clusters without stalks opposite leaves. Fruits are soft and hairy when matured.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
The fruit is edible and is much liked because of its sweet taste. Fruits are rubbed between the palms to remove the outer skin, which is then blown away. Children eat the fruit in normal times and any needy people in food shortage time.

A shrub of the arid areas in Africa and India, often on river banks liable to flooding, or on stony ground, in the shade of larger trees. The species performs well in moist and wet mid- and lowlands (800 - 1,800m).

Propagation method(s)
Propagates by seeds and seedlings.

Sample location(s)
Mermere Kebele, Konso

The species' roots and bark can also be used for medicinal purposes and the wood is used for tool handles, firewood, poles, bows and arrows.

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'Qopissa’ bush with ripe fruits in Konso Special Woreda