Scientific name
Ficus sp. 

Family name

Local name(s)
Tolussa (Agonia)

General description
Tree of some 5 - 10m of height. The fruits become red when ripe.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
Fruit is edible. The ripe fruits are collected and eaten raw. Shepherds and children are the primary consumer category of this type of fruits. The fruits are always collected and consumed between September and April, and everybody enjoys its taste also in good times. 'Tolussa' can give fruits three times a year, provided there is sufficient rain.

Found in lowlands of the Tekeze River water shed.

Propagation method(s)
Propagates by seeds and wildlings.

Sample location(s)
Siska Kebele, Zequala Woreda (Wag Hamra)


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'Tolussa' tree in the Tekeze River lowlands (Photo by Anna Barnett, Ethiopian Venture Project)

'Tolussa' tree branch with unripe fruits (Photo by Anna Barnett, Ethiopian Venture Project)