Scientific name
Becium grandiflorum

Family name
Tebub (Amargna)

General description
It is a small aromatic shrub growing to 1.5m tall. Its leaves are light green with slightly toothed edge. Flowers are large, pale-pink with violet veins.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
Flowers are edible. The whole flower is plucked from a branch and eaten fresh as it is. The flower has a very pleasant sweet taste a bit like honey. Farmers and other experienced people state that when eating this flower your stomach will get filled up that it make an ideal foodstuff for long journeys on foot. No side effects were mentioned concerning the flower's palatability.

Grows in the midlands. Some farmers have semi-domesticated or domesticated the species on their farms.

Propagation method(s)

Sample location (s)
Dibla Seat Kebele, Ganta Afesum Woreda (Eastern Tigray)

The leaves are used as a broom to clean the threshing area and to collect manure. They can also be used for fuel and as roofing material for houses.

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