Scientific name 
Vangueria spp.1

Family name

Local name(s)
Timpliqsha (Konsogna)

General description
It is an erect bush growing plant or small tree. Leaves are opposite, shiny and ovate in shape with conspicuous veins running both sides from the midrib. The branches are arranged alternatively on the main stems. Fruits are green (unripe) round (see picture below). 

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability
The flesh and sap of the fruits are consumed in normal years. Produces fruits once a year mostly in July and August. The fruits contain four seeds and are red when ripened. 

Grows in the midlands and highlands of Konso. 

Propagation method(s)
By seeds 

Sample location(s)
Jarso Kebele, Konso

Used for firewood and construction (Konso).
1Descriptions can be found in Mbuya et al., 1994: p. 496-499, Bein et al., 1996: p. 388/389 & Maundu et al., 1999: p. 228-232

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'Timpliqsha' species with unripe fruits near ‘New York’ in Jarso Kebele, Konso