Scientific name
Buddleja polystachya1

Family name

Local name(s)
Madera (Afargna), Madere (Tigrigna), Anfar, Atquar (Amargna)

General description
B. polystachya is a much-branched shrub or small tree, 4-5m high, occasionally it can grow up to 12m. It has a red-brown or grey bark. The leaves are long and narrow to 15cm with a pointed tip and are light grey-green on top. Flowers are of bright orange colour on a long spike to 20cm. The flowers are tubular, in small groups with a sharp and rather unpleasant smell. The fruits are small dry orange capsules that are open at the tip.

Edible part(s), preparation methods and palatability 
Fruits are edible. Mostly children collect and consume the fruits in normal times, but adults may consume as well in food shortage periods. Fruits are eaten raw.

Grows in secondary scrup od semi-arid upper highland forest and at forest edges in dry, moist and wet midlands and moist highlands (2,200 - 3,600m).

Propagation method(s)
Propagates by seedlings, wildlings and cuttings.

Sample location(s)
Talalak River, Dewe Woreda, Zone 5, Afar

The dry wood can be used to start fires by rubbing stick (friction). The leaves can be used as animal fodder.

1 Parts of the following description have been taken from Bekele-Tesemma et al., 1993: p. 120/121

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Ripe fruits on B. polystachya near Talalak River, Afar

Tree crown of B. polystachya

Leave and branch details